The samples below represent projects, both personal and professional, in:

Thumbnails link to larger images in my Flickr Photostream. Hardcopy samples of additional professional technical drawings produced in SolidWorks are available for review in-person.

Autodesk AutoCAD: Flickr Album
LEGO Train Mold Blank - Page 1 Mold Blank - Page 2 Mold Blank - Page 3 Spur Gear Idler Pulley
Cam Bell Crank Revisions Bell Crank Buffer Stand Express Tools Layer States
Raster Tangency Annotation Annotation Fillet Viewbase
Crank and Bracket Clip and Clamp Bracket Fitting Angle Bracket Playground Locator Block
Intersect Instrument Guide Solid Edit Right Bracket Spline and Flange Sweep and Loft
Rendering Render Old West Megaphone and 1x1 Torch and 1x1 Human Blaster
Alien Blaster Megaphone Dimensions 1x1 Dimensions

Autodesk Fusion 360: Flickr Album
Project 3 Project 2 Project 1

Autodesk Inventor:
Flickr Album
LEGO Minfig Leg LEGO Minfig Pelvis LEGO Minifig Torso LEGO Minifig Hand
LEGO Minifig Head LEGO Binoculars LEGO Gun 2 LEGO Gun 1

Bentley MicroStation: Flickr Album
Funnel Flange Bracket Arm

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks: Flickr Album
Tool Drawer Insert 1 Tool Drawer Insert 2 Zero Machine Gun 1 Zero Machine Gun 2 Zero Machine Gun 3 Zero Machine Gun 4 Sprocket Vase
Height Gauge Scalloped Glass Scalloped Spin Glass Machine Assembly Steps Finished Machine Drive Assembly Drive Assembly
Panel Assembly Cooling Assembly E-Chain End Carriage Box Billet Motor Mount Inventory Furnishings Scale and Spool
Pellet Extruder Pellet Extruder Plummer Block Plastic Cover Model Model Upper Housing
Model Model Model Model Model Model Model
Model Model Model Model

PTC Creo: Flickr Album
Final Project Exploded View Final Project Box 1 Final Project Box 2 Final Project Trim 1 Final Project Trim 2 Final Project Trim 3 Final Project Track
Final Project Blade 1 Final Project Blade 2 Final Project Blade 3 Week 11 Project 2 Week 11 Project 1 Week 6 Assembly View Week 6 Exploded View Week 6 Pivot Box Week 6 Handle Post Week 6 Link Week 6 Handle Week 6 Pin 1 Week 6 Pin 2

Autodesk 3DS Max: Flickr Album
Accessories Beds Carts Doors Fountain Heavy Doors
Minotaur Parapets Well Logo Treatment - 1 Logo Treatment - 2 City Crest

NewTek LightWave 3D: Flickr Album
Logo Treatment Cementing Basket Cementing Head Heat Exchanger TriPlex Pump Safety Character SubSea Explorer
Commando HMMWV Dingo Fennek Renault Ft.17 M561 Gama Goat M5 High Speed Tractor M9 ACE
Quad Gun Tractor Aliens APC GI Joe Skyhawk M1917 Machine Gun M1919 Machine Gun M2 Machine Gun Tripod Concept - Front
Tripod Concept - Rear LEGO Minifig - Short LEGO Minifig - Standard LEGO Minifig - Basketball Vacuum Truck Video Camera Green Lantern
Coke Machine Fighter Concept Aliens Pulse Rifle Aliens APC

3D Printing: Flickr Album
LEGO Blaster Sprocket Vase 2 Sprocket Vase 1 LEGO Minifig Head LEGO Minfig Gun 2 LEGO Minfig Gun 1 Low-Polygon Stormtroopers
LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 3 Yoda Busts LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 2a LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 2 LEGO Minifig Part - Prototype 1b LEGO Minifig Part - Prototype 1a LEGO Minifig Part - Prototype 1
LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1g LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1f LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1e LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1d LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1c LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1b LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1a
LEGO Minifig Gun - Prototype 1

CNC Milling: Flickr Album
CNC Project 2 CNC Project 1